Dreams From Lockdown

By the Mothzine team


To our readers: is anyone else having strange lockdown dreams or is it just us? It seems like we’re not alone: more and more people are reporting upsetting, surreal or just plain freaky dreams during lockdown. Here are a few strange journeys into Dreamland, as recounted by the Mothzine team…

Asha’s Dream:

I am at a summer camp - in my mind this was in Hong Kong, although I’ve never been there. I think it was similar to the one in The Parent Trap (we had watched it the night before I had this dream), where there are many different challenges to be done. In one, we are flying over the city on a really long zipline. I’m not very tightly strapped into the zipline, with only a thin piece of fabric holding me in under my thighs. As we fly over the city and weave between buildings, a large thick pair of headphones cover my ears playing loud music, with intermissions of Maya’s voice! Suddenly, we leave the tall canopy of buildings behind and the zipline opens up to a vast expanse of jungle-greenery. In the dream I am feeling very anxious about falling off the zipline. We land in a field of tall grass under a large lonely tree and jump off the zipline. Standing in the grass, I feel as if snakes will come slithering up my legs! We take the zip wire back to the camp, and everyone leaves the room to go and take a shower. Since it is empty, I decide to use the shower that is located in the dorm room - I enter the cubicle to find a snake watching me!

What do these thrilling and terrifying adventures mean?

Juliet’s Dream:

I recently had a slightly traumatic dream involving Mothzine’s own website designer and graphic designer, Ryan. I am at the bottom of a very muddy lake when I see a big tent full of brightly coloured tables. Ryan appears and says to me, “Hi would you like to buy a nice red fish?” as he holds out a live fish in his palm. Of course, I say yes, I pay for my fish and go on my way excited about my purchase. Suddenly, I realise that Ryan has not actually given me my fish, but when I go back to the tent to reclaim it, Ryan and the tables have disappeared. I wake up, sad, betrayed, and fishless.

Jack’s Dream:

Picture this: I am strutting down a generic high school corridor, not a care in the world, when suddenly a feeling of dread creeps down my spine. Assuming I must’ve eaten something dodgy at the generic high school cafeteria, I walk on. And then I hear it: an inhuman, high-pitched sound, like that made by an angry seagull, but more murdery. I turn around, only to come face to face with a medieval jester, his wide, bloodshot eyes only surpassed in pants-wetting horror by his vacant smile.

Also, his hands are knives.